What's Up Florida? Ocala featured as a jewel of Marion County Adventure Opportunity.  Marion Sun Times calls Joel Wiessner "A welcome hub in Florida's Economic Recovery".

Bubbling up out of the Floridan Aquifer!
Clean Clear Ocala Dome Artesian Springs Mineral Water makes Florida Famous.

Local Family heads up efforts to bring local interest to Water Bottling in Marion County.

Marion County has been the biggest supplier to Water Bottlers in this region with little public awareness of the source and properties of the Ocala Domewater. TDC Marion reports a surge in Water Tourist to the Silver Springs Area.


Larry Moody and family propose a Home Grown Water Marketing program to the world.  Working with EDC MarionTDC MarionOcala Marion County Board of County Commissioners, the world is about to learn about Ocala Pure Mineral Water coming from the LimeStone Dome of Central Florida.  Currently citizens and the world lose as all Silver Springs Water is used to boost the Ocklawaha River.  Currently less than 1/1000 of the mineral water volume sent to the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico is harvested as beneficial recharge for the Mother Aquifer or bottled water to the world.  China and Japan ship goods to Florida and now Florida is going to reciprocate.  What's Up Ocala jumps on to the Economic Action Team to help in the effort to create wealth for Florida.  Centered in Marion County's Vibrant OcalaJoel Wiessner is working with other economic team leaders to achieve Economic Growth for Central Florida.  Mr Wiesner is named Ocala Leader of 2011 by the TDC Marion directors council.

Marion County Citizens see an opportunity to recover value that is currently sent to the oceans.  St Johns Water Management District officials answered questions by Marion County Commissioners that shed light on the quantity and quality of Marion County water resources.  Governor Rick Scott has directed Florida Secretary of DEP, Herschel Vineyard to pull the water districts together to form a coordinated effort of water policy.  Done are the empire builders who have purchased much of Florida in the name of conservation.   What's Up Ocala is living up to the Ocala Marion County Visitor Bureau prediction of a vibrant new tourist distination developing around new young businessman talent.

Clean Clear Mineral Water and abundant wildlife go hand in hand.  Bio Tourist enjoy a repeatable positive artistic experience in Central Florida's Marion County's Bio Environmental Headquarters